Writer with Sizzle Interview: Nana Malone!

Please welcome contemporary romance author Nana Malone!

About Nana:

Nana’s love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she borrowed from her cousin on a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana at a precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

Waiting for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, Nana, meantime works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is. Though, until that ninja job comes through, you’ll find her acting out scenes for hubby and puppy while catching up on her favorite reality television shows in sunny San Diego.

Her debut novel GAME, SET, MATCH is available from The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

Lia: Welcome, Nana! Please tell us about your latest release, Game, Set, Match.

Nana: Game, Set, Match is a contemporary romance set in Los Angeles. It’s a story of lost and reacquainted love. In a world of flash and not much substance, Jason is looking to find meaning in his life again, while Izzy is struggling to keep her family together while building her career. Both characters need to overcome their self doubt, trust barriers and the pains of the past to find their way back to each other.

Lia: Sounds great! Have you ever cried or laughed out loud while writing a scene?

Nana: Oh absolutely! The scene I laughed about most in this book was where Izzy sent a, erm, scandalous picture of herself to the wrong man. While I haven’t done that before myself, I can just imagine. Holy red faced. I laughed the whole time I wrote it.

Lia: That’s hilarious! I bet she was mortified. Which scene do you think will leave the reading squirming in their seat?

Nana: Ha! I warn you now, I write hot. Not quite erotica, but everyone who reads GSM, should be running for their significant other. Start with the first love scene through the last.

Lia: Have your characters ever been caught having sex in public? How did that go?

Nana: Funny you should ask. Lol. Two characters in GSM do get busted, but they don’t know it until later. In the book I’m writing right now, I have my main characters get caught. Don’t want to spoil it for you, but you know how you get past that point of no return where you just can’t stop… *flutter of eyelashes.”

Lia: *Fanning* Yeah, I think I might know what you’re talking about. Wink-wink. Thanks so much for being here today, Nana!

Nana: Thank you so much for having me for this interview. I really enjoyed myself.

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Writer with Sizzle Interview: Tricia Schneider!

Please welcome romance author Tricia Schneider! Tricia would like to give away a PDF copy of her latest paranormal romance release, Witch and the Vampire, to one lucky commenter, so be sure to leave your email address in the comments section so she can reach you.

About Tricia:

Tricia Schneider worked at a bookstore for 12 years, 6 of those years as Assistant Manager. Now she writes full-time while raising her three young children. She lives with her WWII re-enactor husband in the coal country of Pennsylvania.

Lia: Welcome, Tricia! Tell us about your latest release.

Tricia: My novella, The Witch and the Vampire, is the sequel to my 2010 debut, The Witch and the Wolf. These stories are connected but can be read out of order. Sisters, Lillian and Melora Merriweather are running from an evil uncle. The Witch and the Vampire is Melora’s story.

Here’s the blurb:

Melora Merriweather is searching for a fellow witch to protect her from a scheming uncle with plans of marriage. When her carriage overturns on her journey, she is rescued by a mysterious man whom she learns is the very person she seeks. But, he’s not the witch she thought he was…

Sebastian Collins should have left for London days ago. Now a snowstorm has trapped him with a woman who has come seeking protection, a woman who intrigues him like no other. And with each passing hour, his hunger for her grows…hunger for her kiss, her caress, and her blood.

Lia: Love the sound of this! (And gorgeous cover, by the way.) What is your favorite thing about being a romance writer?

Tricia: I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. Even when I was very young, I remember drawing pictures and creating stories about the images I drew. Being an author is just a natural step for me. Being a romance author is like adding icing to the cake. I am addicted to a happily-ever-after. I’m known among my friends and family for re-writing the sad endings to dramas and horror movies so that the main character gets a HEA. For me, leaving the story with that sense of peace and happiness, that sense of all is right in my character’s world, is a comforting experience.

Lia: I’m a sap for happy endings, as well. How would you describe the world you’ve built?

Tricia: The Merriweather Witches live in Regency England of the early 1800’s. In my world, paranormal creatures such as vampires and werewolves exist but are kept hidden from ordinary humans. Some humans are aware of the existence of these creatures and become vampire-hunters, witch-hunters, etc. The witches in my world have special magical powers that are passed down by their family members. The creatures that inhabit my world are on the darker side of romance. I’m in the process of writing more stories for this series and I’m exploring the possibility of many more paranormal creatures I can introduce to the Merriweather family.

Lia: As a writer of the paranormal, what makes you want to write about things that go bump in the night?

Tricia: I’ve been a fan of all things paranormal since I was a young child living in my grandmother’s haunted house. Yes, some very strange unexplainable things happened there. It fascinated me and I began reading all I could about ghosts and spirits. My mother also influenced me with her love of the 1960’s soap opera, Dark Shadows. As I became addicted to watching it with her, I became fascinated with vampires, werewolves, witches and all else paranormal. It’s fun for me to create my own world filled with vampires, werewolves and romance.

Lia: Very interesting about your grandmother’s house! I’d love to hear more about that. Do you have a favorite writer you’ve read over and over?

Tricia: I can’t pick only one! I have so many favorite authors, though there’s only a few I re-read more than once to study and analyze their writing. Lynn Kurland, Gayle Wilson, and Daphne du Maurier are three of those authors. I love their writing style, the way they create scenes and the emotion that they weave with their carefully chosen words. I still cry every time I read This Is All I Ask by Lynn Kurland, and I think I’ve read it 5 times!

Lia: Where can readers find your books?

Tricia: The Wild Rose Press

Lia: I’m on my way to pick it up! Thanks for being a Writer with Sizzle, Tricia!

Writer with Sizzle Interview: Rachel Leigh

Please welcome romance author Rachel Leigh! Rachel would like to give away a PDF copy of her sizzling story Explicitly English, so be sure to leave your email address in the comments section so she can reach you.

About Rachel:

Rachel Leigh lives in the UK and is married to her own sexy hero. Even though this is Rachel’s first erotic romance novella, she enjoyed writing it so much, she has two more lined up and almost ready to go off to The Wild Rose Press. When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading, running around after her two daughters….or playing with her husband.
Lia: Great to have you here, Rachel! Tell us about your latest release.
Rachel: Explicitly English is my first erotic romance novella and published by The Wild Rose Press. I LOVED writing this story! Erotic romance has to be the ultimate escapism…

Here’s the blurb:

Laura Markham needs to forget – just for awhile. Be someone else for change – live as her parents will never have the chance to. And for Laura, that means leaving the City for the English countryside and doing just what the hell she feels like…wherever she feels like doing it…

British stockbroker, Stephen Cambridge knows by going home to his country retreat two days early, he’s likely to surprise his contracted interior designer. And when he finds out she’s the woman who performed the solo masturbation show for him on the inward bound journey, Stephen will do anything to further convince her to miss the outward bound train and stay with him forever…

Lia: Fantastic debut and what a gorgeous cover! What is your favorite thing about being a romance writer?

Rachel: The writing! When I was younger I wanted to be a writer but didn’t really write in earnest until six or seven years ago. Since then I have had success both in mainstream and erotic romance and now do not see myself doing anything else in the future.

As far as the writing process goes – my favourite part is the second draft. I love having the words on the paper and then taking the time to play and polish and make the story the best it can be.

Lia: That’s my favorite part too—taking the time to make the story rich. What physical aspect does your heroine love most about your hero? Details, please!

Rachel: His eyes and his shoulders, definitely! His eyes are seduction personified…deep dark brown, almost black and when he looks at her, his gaze is filled with unashamed desire and lust. She tingles just thinking about it. And his shoulders? Wide, muscular and strong – nothing turns Laura on more than digging her nails deeper into them when they make love standing up, with his rock-hard penis thrusting… you get the picture!

Lia: Yep, and what a lovely vivid picture it is. 😉 Do you have a common theme in the books you write?

Rachel: Trust seems to be my favoured issue – I love watching a hurt heroine or hero regain that trust in human nature and love. I don’t think there is anything more romantic as watching someone who has known heartbreak open themselves fully to another person, willing to risk further hurt because the prize seems so worthy.

Lia: Do you have any advice for the budding romance writer?

Rachel: Really believe in what you are writing. Put yourself in the heroine’s mind when you’re in her point of view and vice versa for the hero. Feel what they’re feeling both emotionally and sexually. Be there with them, smell and see, touch and taste what they are.

‘Show’ the reader what they are feeling, don’t ‘tell’ them!

Lia: Excellent advice! Where can readers find your books?

Rachel: Explicitly English Buy Link:


Lia: Thanks for being a Writer with Sizzle, Rachel! Readers, remember to leave your email address if you’d like a chance to win Explicitly English.

Writer with Sizzle Interview: Jennifer Jakes

Please welcome romance author Jennifer Jakes! Jennifer would like to give away a PDF copy of her sizzling story Rafe’s Redemption, so be sure to leave your email address in the comments section so she can reach you.

About Jennifer:

After trying several careers—everything from a beautician to a dump truck driver—Jennifer finally returned to her first love, writing. Maybe it was all those Clint Eastwood movies she watched growing up, but in her opinion there is no better read than a steamy western historical.

Married to her very own hero, she lives on fifteen acres along with two beautiful daughters, two elderly horses, two spoiled cats and two hyper dogs.

During the summer she does Civil War re-enacting and has found it a great research tool, not to mention she has continued appreciation for her microwave and hot water heater.

Visit Jennifer Jakes at http://www.jenniferjakes.com/

Lia: Great to have you here, Jennifer! Tell us about your latest release.

Jennifer: Rafe’s Redemption takes place in Colorado, 1866. Rafe is a former Civil War captain trying to stay one step ahead of his vengeful stepbrother.

Maggie is an artist, traveling to San Francisco. But when her devious, gambling cousin loses all their valuables in a poker game, Maggie is sold to pay off the debt.

The blurb describes it much better than I can.

He rode into town to buy supplies, not a woman.

For hunted recluse Rafe McBride, the raven-haired beauty on the auction block is exactly what he doesn’t need. A dependent woman will be another clue his vengeful stepbrother can use to find and kill him. But Rafe’s conscience won’t let him leave another innocent’s virginity to the riff-raff bidding. He buys her, promising to return her to St. Louis untouched. He only prays the impending blizzard holds off before her sultry beauty breaks his willpower.

She wanted freedom, not a lover.

Whisked to the auction block by her devious, gambling cousin, and then sold into the arms of a gorgeous stranger, outspoken artist Maggie Monroe isn’t about to go meekly. Especially when the rugged mountain man looks like sin and danger rolled into one. But a blizzard and temptation thrust them together, and Maggie yearns to explore her smoldering passion for Rafe.

But when the snow clears, will the danger and secrets that surround Rafe and Maggie tear them apart?

Lia: Ooh, I’m cheering for their happy ending already. Have you ever cried or laughed out loud while writing a scene?

Jennifer: Yes, when I wrote the end scene where Rafe tries to reconcile his past. I cried.

Lia: Do you have a common theme in the books you write?

Jennifer: They all take place in 1850-1899. I’m not sure my stories are what you’d call traditional western – there are no gunfights in the middle of a dusty Texas street – but they are still classified as western historical. Plus I like to have some suspense thrown in there.

And my stories all have at least one really bad guy. Someone the reader can hate.

Lia: Which scene in your book do you think will leave the reading squirming in their seat?

Jennifer: I think it would be the bath tub sex scene;)

Lia: I’m intrigued! Where is the wildest place your characters have had sex?

Jennifer: Outside. Rafe has Maggie face a tree (they were having a picnic) and…….;)

Lia: Sounds like a sizzling scene. I can’t wait to read it! Where can we find Rafe’s Redemption?

Jennifer: At the Wild Rose Press – Wilder Roses – http://tinyurl.com/4oh5387

Lia: I’m on way to buy it. Thanks for being a Writer with Sizzle, Jennifer! Readers, remember to leave your email address in the comments section for a chance to win Rafe’s Redemption. Or leave a question for Jennifer to answer.

OFF LIMITS Available Today!

I’m excited to announce that OFF LIMITS, a “Cougar Club” Scarlet Rosette, is out today!

Buy now


How does a woman who usually follows the straight and narrow end up handcuffed to a chair by her ex-husband’s younger brother, a wickedly delicious man who just happens to be a cop? And the star of her most forbidden fantasies. Kara Reynolds has spent the past thirty-eight years being a good girl, but there’s something about Austin that makes her want to be really bad. Now, she’s caught in a situation that could either humiliate her…or set her free.


The air conditioner was off. That had to be the reason why her body temperature was spiking and beads of perspiration were moistening her forehead.

She’d never felt this alive and aware before. His hands sat heavily on her knees, forcing her legs apart. His face was set in a determined expression, eyebrows drawn, lips pressed together.

The glint in his sultry green eyes was now a warning rather than a tease.

Her pulse thrummed at her fingertips as she clasped her bound hands. Every other part of her body was frozen. And waiting for his next move.

His lips curved up into a half smile. “You broke my heart ten years ago. Do you remember that?”

Kara swallowed down the knot forming in her throat. “I remember you had a crush on me. You were young and—”

“I’m not that boy anymore.” His hands inched up to mid-thigh.

Her body quivered in response. More heat surged down her center and moistened her panties. If he only knew what he did to her.

What he’d always done to her.

It had been a sin to think of him this way when she’d been married. Was it sinful now? To want Clint’s younger brother so badly that her knees wobbled, her heart ached, and her cheeks flushed?

He had become her best friend over the past few years. Always, always, her ultimate fantasy.

5 Diamond review from Got Erotic Romance:

“If you enjoy second chance at love stories, you will enjoy this one. It is short, packed with emotion, and you can’t help finding yourself pulling for the younger man intent on convincing the woman he loves to give him a chance. If you’re a woman beyond the “perfect body” stage in life, you’re going to identify with the heroine and understand her doubts. This is a quick read and a feel-good story where hope for that magical happily-ever-after shines bright.” Starla Kaye, reviewer

Read the full review

4.5 Stars from Book Wenches

“This is utterly and undeniably an entertaining read. One of the things I find that makes a short story enjoyable is an author that is able to give plenty of background to make the story come full circle, and Ms. Slater does this with finesse. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. I thoroughly enjoyed the thought of the younger guy; especially one as hot as Austin. The characters seem realistic, and I liked how they show so much emotion.” Teagan, reviewer

Read the full review

Buy Now: http://www.thewildrosepress.com/wilderroses/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=750

New contract – Off Limits

Woot! I received a contract from The Wilder Rose Press for my short novella, Off Limits — previously titled His Younger Brother, but my awesome editor, Diana, suggested a much better alternative. I think it’s pretty sexy!! And very appropriate. 🙂

Soooo… Off Limits – Coming soon! If you liked Fatal Exposure, then you might like this as well.


How does a woman who usually follows the straight and narrow end up handcuffed to a chair by her ex-husband’s younger brother, a wickedly delicious man who just happens to be a cop? And the star of Kara’s most forbidden fantasies. Kara Reynolds has spent the past thirty-eight years being a good girl, but there’s something about Austin that makes her want to be really bad. Now, she’s caught in a situation that could either humiliate her…or set her free.


It’s the Little Things…

Do you receive the Romance Writers Report (RWR) from Romance Writers of America? You do? Okay, do you have the October issue? Right on. Open it up to the very first page and check out the Wild Rose Press advertisement. Four books down to the very right you’ll spot it. Woot! Fatal Exposure is there looking pretty hot, if I do say so myself.

You don’t get the RWR, you say? That’s okay. I took a picture of it!

Can you see it??

Oh, and Fatal Exposure made it to the Wild Rose Press/Wilder Roses bestseller list. It’s only at #10 right now but I’ll take it! If you haven’t bought your copy yet, well, you know what to do. Help me shoot that baby up there. 🙂



Tomorrow’s the day!

Fatal Exposure’s official release day is tomorrow, September 25th, when it’ll be available as an eBook as well as in paperback from http://www.wilderroses.com/.

Here’s an excerpt (Rated VERY ‘R’ so get out of here if you’re under 18, got it, or I’ll tell your mom. The rest of you enjoy!):

Ava rested her hands on his massive chest when he wedged himself between her thighs. She couldn’t keep from staring at him. Every inch of his naked body was toned to perfection, leaving her craving to trace her fingers over the strength of his muscles. He had a few scars here and there, but the one that grabbed her attention was the circular indentation on his left shoulder.

A gunshot wound? She lightly brushed her hand over it.

“Iraq,” he murmured as if that would explain how he’d been shot. And sadly, it did. Obviously, he’d been in combat. He’d fought for their country. Which had to mean he was a man of integrity, a man of honor. Right?

She clenched her eyes shut and tried to stop her bustling mind from over-analyzing. This was sex with a hot guy and nothing more. He was nothing more.

He dug his fists into the mattress on either side of her head before dipping his mouth to softly kiss her top lip and then her bottom. His tongue slipped between the two, parting them. Gently, patiently—a kiss she’d never experienced from a man.

He baited her, and Ava responded by opening for him, sliding her tongue along his. He tasted of a mixture of cinnamon, quiet confidence, and restrained power.

Who was he? She didn’t even know his last name, but every fiber of fear in her body was disappearing as he manipulated her mouth with his skilled tongue. It owned her and she wasn’t protesting.

His large, hardened cock pressed against the wetness between her thighs, tempting her. She could only imagine what he was going to feel like inside.

Daring to seek more, she lifted her pelvis and grazed her pussy against his hard shaft. He was thicker and larger than either of the two lovers she’d had in the past. And she was sure he would bring sensations that would stretch and push her to limits she’d never known.

“Fuck me,” she heard herself saying, impatiently, shocking herself.

His eyes opened and met hers, no longer the ice cold color, but a blue that reminded her of a tantalizing hot, bubble bath.

Ava took a desperately needed breath. “Please.”

He grinned, sensually, devilishly, as if he had plans beyond her realm of fantasy. She pursed her mouth shut, thinking she’d most likely bitten off more than she could chew.

His upper half dropped onto his elbows, resting his solid chest against her sensitive breasts. She prepared herself for the roughness she thought he was capable of, but instead, she received soft kisses down her jaw line onto her neck. He licked the crevice behind her ear and gently nibbled a path to the area just above her shoulder.

Ava trembled at his touch and wrapped her legs around his waist, preparing for him to enter her, wanting nothing more.

Copyright 2009

Buy link: http://www.thewildrosepress.com/wilderroses/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=180&products_id=712