Writer with Sizzle: Gwen Campbell

Congrats to the winner of Final Justice – Jennifer!!
Please welcome erotic romance writer Gwen Campbell! Gwen is giving away an eBook copy of her sizzling story, Final Justice. Please leave a comment and an email address in order to be entered into the drawing. Winner will be announced on Saturday, Jan. 30th. Good luck!

Lia: Welcome Gwen! I’d love to know more about your books. Have your characters used sex toys? And how did that go?

Gwen: In Final Justice, the naughty and creative Sergeant Peter Leighton uses his night stick in a manner the police force would disapprove of, and a butt plug in a manner that his lady-love highly approves of.

Sizzling (Over 18!!) Excerpt:

I’m going to love fucking you, Holly. Going to love sticking my big cock into you,” Peter murmured then picked up the last toy he’d set out for Holly’s pleasure—a short, fat butt plug. He opened a tube of lubricant and greased it liberally then stepped behind her.

His cock in his hand, he rubbed the tip of it over her wet pussy and Holly jumped then sighed with unguarded pleasure—and relief. “I want you too, baby,” he groaned. “I want you too.” Then he pressed the tapered end of the plug to Holly’s puckered anus. “Have you ever been taken in both places at once?”

Holly’s mouth fell open. “Um…no,” she answered truthfully, hesitantly, liking the feel of the cool, oily vinyl. Then she bit her lip. A while back, she’d had a boyfriend with a thing for her ass and he’d loved fucking her there. She’d liked it too but…

“It’ll feel good, Holly,” Peter promised earnestly and rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy then pressed the plug against her anus again. Lightly. Carefully. “I want to take you here too, and I don’t want to hurt you when I come into you.” Pressing a little harder, his eyes flared as he watched the tapered end breach her. Then the first half-inch burrowed into her.

She knew he was holding back, waiting for a response. Waiting for her to decide if she trusted him enough to indulge in this wicked love play with a stranger. It came back to her how much she did trust this man, with an intuitiveness that felt like she was in the hands of a lover, not a stranger. She forced her body to relax. “Yes,” she whispered and glanced over her shoulder. She’d felt his eyes on her. Watching and liking how she looked—poised and willing to take his toy in her ass, his cock in her pussy.

His only response was a quiet, tremulous sigh and a slow, seductive press of the plug into her ass.

Peter slid it into Holly gently, carefully easing it in and out of her, claiming her in slow increments, reaching around her and stroking her clit lightly. She gasped when the widest part of the plug stretched her beautiful, rosy anus then gasped again when it slid over then tightened around the tapered neck, holding the vinyl knob inside her with only the flat, round handle still visible. When she sighed again and tipped her hips so he would rub her clit harder, he took hold of his cock and fit the head of it to her pussy. He groaned loudly when he breached her.

“Oh damn…” Peter breathed. “You’re so tight, Holly. So perfect.”

An answering thrill spilled through her body at her mystery cop’s words and she grinned wolfishly when she felt his big, rough hands clamp onto her hips and use the leverage to slide deeper into her. “And you’re big!” she gasped suddenly when he filled her too fast. The nightstick had only prepared her so much and, with that wicked thing lodged in her ass, she needed him to go slowly.

“Sorry…sorry,” he gasped, easing his grip on her hips and stopping for a moment, concentrating instead on stroking her clit in light, teasing circles. Peter couldn’t remember ever being this turned-on in his life. Holly—his beautiful, incredible Holly—taking him so willingly, her whole body alive and humming with pleasure, hers and his combined. Trusting him to pleasure her without knowing if she’d like what he was doing. The sight of her beautiful ass stretched around that decadent tool—her hot, tight pussy fisting the head of his cock.

The only thing she asked for was gentleness. He’d give it to her…and more.

Lia: Wow, hot stuff! Have you ever cried or laughed out loud while writing a scene?

Gwen: Absolutely. I laugh at myself all the time. In Seduced By Silver (due for release February 2010 by Ellora’s Cave), when the hero and heroine visit her parents for the first time following their, er, impulsive marriage, daddy dearest is ticked and not shy about sharing his feelings.


“Hey! Palila!” Marcus Quinlan’s voice boomed out in the bedroom beyond his wife’s dressing room. “Randy boy here and I are gonna take off and give those new sliders a workout.”

Behind him, Meadow heard Keefe’s disgruntled snort. She’d smelled his approach before she heard him and she was already sitting up a little taller in anticipation.

“We’re going to take Manus with us. We’ll be back before one—I promise, baby doll—and we can have lunch. Damn!” Marcus rushed into his wife’s dressing room and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the wound on his daughter’s chest. He handed the bowl of ice chips he was carrying to his wife. “Did you have to be so damn brutal?” he growled at Keefe.

Keefe was now wearing a pair of jeans someone had loaned him, a t-shirt and boots and had a scratched helmet tucked under his arm. But then, all of Meadow’s father’s helmets were scratched. He liked his sports rough.

“Oh zip it, Marcus,” Palila blurted out and stood. She picked up a towel, poured ice into it and held it to her daughter’s chest. “The Mark you left me with was twice as bad and I needed stitches.” She placed Meadow’s hand over the towel, letting her hold it in place then turned on her husband. “And I couldn’t use my arm for a week. And stop with the name-calling. His name is Keefe. Your son-in-law and your daughter’s choice. Deal with it.”

“He fucked my daughter without my permission,” Marcus bellowed, glaring down at his wife and pointing at Keefe. “Mated with her without even the courtesy of doing it on her pack land.”

“And you,” Palila shouted back with a sure flip of her elegant, dark hair, “you didn’t even ask my permission first. Or is your memory failing along with your manners and whatever modicum of good sense you ever possessed? Hmm?”

Marcus blushed deep red, right up to the thinning roots of his graying, dark blond hair.

“You just grabbed me, stuck your dick in me and then asked me what my last name was.”

Lia: LOL! Funny scene. Where can readers find your books?

Gwen: My books are available through Ellora’s Cave at http://www.jasminejade.com/, in e-book format.

Email: Gwen@GwenCampbell.net

Website: http://www.gwencampbell.net/

Lia: Thanks for being a Writer with Sizzle, Gwen!

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A Release Date, a Nomination, a Nook, and a New Year

Happy 2010!! Wow, it’s a brand new decade and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this one to start. Last year was a catapult for me in many ways, especially my writing career, and I’m hoping I can keep up the momentum in the New Year.

Exciting News:

Off Limits, an erotic short, will be released from the Wilder Rose Press on 2/26/2010.

Fatal Exposure was nominated in the Preditors and Editors’ Reader’s poll. If you’d like to vote for it, please click here: http://www.critters.org/predpoll/novelerot.shtml

WereSlave, an erotic paranormal romance, is available now from Ellora’s Cave.

Were Seduction, the second book in the Legends of Paqualette (working title) series, is just about ready to shoot off to my editor. I hope she likes Kaige’s story! Because I completely and totally fell in love with him while I was writing it.

I’m starting the third in the series that is tentatively titled Were Blood. First chapter is done and I’m thrilled with the possibilities.

Oh, and I have a Nook (an e-reader). Just arrived last night as a late Christmas present. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to start using it.

Now I better get to work.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Stay warm.