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Menage in Romance Stories
Well, not exactly free. But the facts are out there. Out of the fiction genre, romance fiction controls fifty four per cent of the market share according to an RWA study released in 2009. With e-readers like the Kindle, Nook, and the Kobo putting literature at one’s fingertips, readers have a much easier time finding their favorite authors.
Words, especially well-crafted ones can paint the picture and set a woman’s libido racing faster than any skin flick or how to sex videos. The highly rated genres? Gay male romance and bisexual erotic romance featuring ménage characters rank up there highest in fiction trends among romance readers.
Bisexuality is enjoying a resurgence in popularity in erotic fiction. For an industry that grossed $1.36 Billion in sales in 2009, during the beginning of a downturn in the economy, romance novels held a steady portion of market share, thanks in part to growing e-book sales.
Women make up the majority of romance readers and out of that number, the increase in readership for alternative stories has continued. Male-Female-Male romances where the men fall in love with each other, in addition to the heroine dominate the reading list.
Women love the fantasy of two men together and for the unselfish, there is a cerebral element involved. Because heterosexual sex has the act of submission by a woman, and her pussy being penetrated by the strong shaft of a man, subliminally the act becomes about dominance. In gay sex, there is often a top and a bottom and when penetration occurs, it’s the same mentality. Add to that the versatility of a woman and the fun increases.
When I wrote His Reign and started the Opeth Pack Saga, I gave my hero two heroines because of the obvious fantasy but digging deeper into their characters let me see that the two women were alike enough to be lovers with Józsi, but different enough that they had distinctive personalities. Lukina, younger, fiery and passionate, appeals strongly to Józsi’s rational side. Ilona is sweeter, a little more delicate and adds balance to Lukina’s fire by being Józsi’s heart.
I hope you’ll give His Reign a try once it’s out from Secret Cravings Publishing!
Book Blurb:
Józsi wants to maintain a normal life away from the Opeth pack. Moving from Hungary to Texas was a big change that he felt was necessary in order to avoid a prophecy that would ultimately make him Alpha of a dying pack, a responsibility he doesn’t want.
Ilona and Lukina grew up loving Józsi even after he moved away. Yet the current pack Alpha has gone rogue and begun kidnapping and abusing the younger wolves that remained without mates. Ilona, becomes his next target and Józsi must return to once again deal with pack politics only to find that his heart misses what it could have. Can Lukina and Ilona convince him to return to Hungary in order to rule the Opeth pack and mate or will Kiba destroy them in a fit of insanity?


HANDS OFF – an erotic contemporary romance short novella

Naomi Hill wants to feel alive again. The loss of her husband left her senses dull and her heart empty, yet every time she’s around Jude–her late husband’s best friend–her body responds in a way she can’t ignore. With a push from a friend and a party game that forces her and Jude alone in an empty room, she finally finds the courage to seduce the one man who can bring her back to life.

Self-made millionaire, Jude Colter, defied odds and grew up to be a successful man. The only thing missing in his life now is Naomi. He’s kept his hands off her since first meeting her in high school…for two reasons. One, for years she’d been obsessed with his best friend and business partner. And two, she rouses raw feelings in him that make him question his theories on women…and the possibility of love. When an unexpected opportunity arises, he must decide just how far he’s willing to go to win her heart for good.


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 I hope you enjoy Jude and Naomi’s story!


Hands Off – Coming Soon!

HANDS OFF, an erotic short story, coming to online retailers at the end of September.

Naomi Hill wants to feel alive again. Grieving left her senses dull and her heart empty, yet every time she’s around Jude—her late husband’s best friend—her body…her heart…responds in a way she can’t ignore. With a push from a friend and a party game that forces her and Jude alone in an empty room, she finally finds the courage to seduce the one man who can bring her back to life.

I hope you enjoy this second-chance-at-love story!

Welcome Lizzie T. Leaf!

The DEAD series is back…newly edited, revised and contracted for more books in the series let the fun begin with DEAD Awake (formally Waking Up Dead) to kick off on July 20that Musa Publishing!

Answer Lizzie’s question to enter the prize drawing for a Musa Publishing gift certificate.

What immortals would you like to see connect with Dovey and her group in future stories?


Waking up to discover you’re dead isn’t a gal’s idea of fun.

Deb Stein loved to party until she took the hunk dressed as a vampire to her bed. Now she’s one of the living dead and pissed about it. Plus, she has to find a new identity and WORK!
Deb and Scott.  Aaron ran the names through his head a moment before they clicked.  He had crashed the party of Deb Stein, first class socialite and paparazzi darling.  No wonder she looked familiar.   This woman’s appearance created more media madness than Paris, Brittany or Lindsay when she showed up someplace.  She could out-party any of the celebrity bad girls. Plus she had the money to do it with after she turned thirty and inherited the millions her father had left to keep his little girl in the lifestyle she was accustomed to.
Given the tension between her and the couple, Scott would be Scott Hanson, the former boyfriend who had dumped Deb for Jenny Rames, the brunette clinging to his arm as if she was an attached appendage.  The love triangle had created headlines in the tabloids for months.  Great fodder for the news rags when any of the beautiful people had love problems.  Throw in the fact that Jenny was Deb’s best friend and the cause of the split, the story became a feeding frenzy among the piranha scandal sheets.
Aaron reached into Deb’s mind and probed her thoughts.  The fury raging there almost caused him to blow a fuse. This was one pissed lady and not because she lost the love of her life.  No, it was an ego thing; he’d dumped her before she had the chance to tell him to take a hike. 
Deb was none too pleased with Jenny, either.   
I expect my friends to cover my back, not stab me in it like Jenny did. The slut bitch not only went after Scott, but told the press things about me that she knew so I know she was the source! Hell, she was with me in school when we slipped out at night or smoked grass—none of those escapades needed to turn into fodder for the gossip mongers.
How can I save face and not get another humiliating slam in the scandal sheets tomorrow? Wait—maybe that good-looking guy in the vampire costume that I just blew off can help me—
Aaron straightened his tie, pushed his way through the spectators to her side and slipped an arm around her waist.  “Darling, you promised not to be gone so long.”  
He had to give her credit for maintaining her cool when he appeared beside her or the intimate manner in which he touched her.  Nothing in the way of surprise registered on her face when she turned to him and smiled.  “I’m sorry love, but I didn’t expect to be detained by the arrival of new guests.”
“Oh.  Are they important enough that you neglect me for them?”  Aaron stroked her back while his gaze roamed over Scott and Jenny.
“No.”  Deb took Aaron’s hand.  “At one point I thought they were, but not now.  They have no importance in my life anymore.”
 Head held high, she linked her arm with his and led him through the gaping crowd.  Aaron picked up the grumbling of disappointment from several on-lookers now that the show was over. 
The rich want to see blood as much as any street gang.
DEAD Awake available at Musa Publishing July 20th
Will also be available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and All Romance eBooks shortly after the Musa release.
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Writer with Sizzle: Lori Corsentino!

Please welcome romance author (and a good friend of mine) Lori Corsentino! Lori is giving away an eBook copy of Destiny’s Awakening–plus some cool swag–to a commenter, so be sure to leave an email address…

About Lori:

Lori’s love of reading has transcended to include penning her own tales of romance. She is experimenting with writing in several different genres, including paranormal – a definite favorite. “There is just so much you can do when you step outside the known world,” she explains “and creating a paranormal story allows you to take yourself and your readers anywhere your imagination wants to go!”
Destiny’s Awakening is Lori’s first foray into a planned paranormal romance trilogy. Spanning both the mortal and Fey worlds, be looking for the second novel to continue the legacy with Crown Princess Annora Ambrasia de Sha’mi’liari and Sebastian “Bas” St. James in early 2013 from 5 Prince Publishing.
Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @LoriCorsentino and on Also check out her blog weekly for a Manic Monday, Wicked Writer Wednesday, or Favorite Friday entry.
Lia: Great to have you here! Tell us about your books.
Lori: My current series, “Tales of the Fey” is a planned trilogy centering on three siblings in a Fey royal family. The first book is titled, “Destiny’s Awakening” and focuses on the brother, Alexander. The story itself is a bit of a twist on an old fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. A modern woman, Evelyn, or Evie as she prefers to be called, finds herself thrust into another world. She’s totally out of her element, especially when she finds out she’s the one who has to do the kissing to wake up a handsome Prince. It’s a definite favorite of mine.
Lia: Love that twist! What is your favorite thing about being a romance writer?
Lori: The romance! I may not seem it, but I am a true romantic at heart. There’s nothing quite like penning a good story woven around an amazingly hot hero and a sassy heroine. You just get to write down all the amazing (and not so amazing) things that come into your head as you tell their tale.
Also – you get to read a romance novel as you write it. Unfortunately, by the time it’s done, you’ve likely read it, oh a dozen times in less than 2 months, so you’re pretty sick of it. Still, nothing quite beats reading – and enjoying – a novel you’ve written.
Lia: What physical aspect does your heroine love most about your hero? Details, please!
Lori: His lips! Seriously, hands down she loves his lips. They’re perfectly shaped, with the lower lobe a bit fuller than the top. The first time she looked at them she was hooked. She finds reasons to kiss him. Also, he’s got a cute little dimple just off to the side of his mouth, and she obsesses about it.
Lia: I’m picturing the lips. Yeah, good stuff. What else does your heroine love? What does she like least?
Lori: She likes his honor, strength, and integrity. She loves his broad shoulders, long legs, full, kissable lips, and the fact that he is large…everywhere.
What she likes least is his imperious nature, especially when he’s not getting his way. She finds ways to work around that, though. She’s nothing is not resourceful!
Lia: Have you ever cried or laughed out loud while writing a scene?
Lori: Absolutely! For example in my latest novel, Destiny’s Awakening, my heroine Evie is quite sassy. I’ve laughed out loud at some of her one-liners and antics.
I’ve also cried when I wrote my short novel, Fire Season. My hero was describing how he recently was injured in a blaze. His story really hit close to home. My brother is an active firefighter – a Lieutenant in a Denver metro area fire department. Writing the scene was pretty intense and really affected me personally.
I was focusing so much that I could see it – every bit of it – clearly. I really tapped into the emotion of the scene, and the next thing I knew, tears were rolling down my face. It’s crazy to have to stop to dab your eyes and blow your nose 5 times during a writing session!
Lia: How would you describe the world you’ve built?
Lori: The world I’ve built for my “Tales of the Fey” series is a combination of modern and medieval. The mortal world, which is where we live, is modern – very like the world we currently live in. It’s based on science, so the rules of physics, etc. apply.
The world of the Fey, which also inhabits our world, but on a different plane, is very different. Their world is ruled by magic, so normal rules do not apply. Anything that is no longer in your control can be taken over by a magical force and neutralized. There are no guns, missiles, not even a bow and arrow.
Instead, conflicts that escalate to warfare are dealt with as they were in the middle ages – with hand to hand combat. Having a world based on magic also has many advantages, including a machine that transports you from one place to another. Talk about an easy commute!
Lia: Where can readers find your books?
Lori: Readers can find my books starting on June 28th on Amazon (, Barnes and Noble ( and Smashwords ( You can also find them on my publisher’s website at I will also have buy links – and hot excerpts – on my website at

I’d love to offer a free eBook copy of Destiny’s Awakening plus some other fun swag to one of your commenting readers!

Lia: Thanks for being a Writer with Sizzle, Lori!
Lori: Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Lia! I’m a huge fan of yours, so it’s real pleasure to spend some time with you.
She had come.
He savored every stroke of the soft lips and relished in the feel of the minty moistness bathing his skin. Unable to open his eyes or move after his long sleep, he was at her mercy. Her lips barely touched his. The sweetness of the pressure when she gently rubbed her mouth against his was hot enough to stir his long dormant blood.
Soon, she devoured his mouth and encouraged his response. She caressed him with enthusiasm, feasting, nipping at his bottom lip then soothing it. He could feel the life returning to his body, running along his skin and into his limbs. The sensations she invoked were akin to ecstasy.
His hands twitched, itching to hold her. His lips softened under hers, then grew firm when he kissed her in return. She drew back. Was she surprised by his answering caress? He needed her to continue. She could not draw away from him. Not yet. With every bit of his returning strength, he raised his arm and cupped his hand over the back of her head. He held her to him and encouraged her to continue. He was desperate to capture the elusive lips, deepen The Kiss, and bring forth The Quickening. With her mouth to his in firm contact, his strength returned in degrees. He was gaining power and energy, fueled by her closeness and the warm moistness of her lips.
Soon he would be himself. His body stirred. His heart pumped in his chest, coursing blood to return warmth to his fingers and toes. His cock rose, hard and fast to butt against the mail and cup used for its protection.
Good. She was arousing him. He needed to be able to enact The Joining and bring forth The Bond shortly after The Kiss. Their success would complete The Awakening.
She was near. He inhaled her unique perfume with every breath. He was captivated by the faint scent of spring flowers and sweet spices. There was also something else, something elusive all her own.
She was his. She was The One. 
*Winner will be announced by Friday, 6/29!

WereSlave is FREEEEEE!

Ellora’s Cave has made WereSlave, Book One in the Were Legends Series, FREE for two weeks. If you haven’t picked it up yet, now is your chance to check it out.

WereSlave: An erotic paranormal romance.

Book One in the Were Legends Series.

As the Queen of Paqualette, Nayla is forbidden to have a husband or a human lover. Her life is a lonely and disciplined existence, so when she’s given the opportunity to choose a Were from her dungeon as her sex slave, she takes a chance. Werewolves, she knows, are nothing but senseless monsters, but after the one she selects to be her WereSlave turns out to be more of a man than she’s ever known, she must question her beliefs.

As the alpha leader, Mace is responsible for his pack. He’ll do anything to keep them alive, even give into the Queen’s sexual demands. But not unless he’s in control. Turning his enticing captor into the submissive is the only way to show her he’s more man than she realizes. Falling in love is out of the question, but so is leaving her behind.

Warning: This story contains a steamy m/f/m menage scene, mild bondage, graphic language, anal sex, and sizzling sex scenes.

Ellora’s Cave:
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I hope you enjoy!


Mystic Month of May: Jenn LeBlanc!

The Colorado Romance Writers Mystic Month of May Blog Hop (say that 5 times fast) continues with the fabulously talented (and adorable) Jenn LeBlanc! Take it away, Jenn.

HOORAY! HOORAY! The first of May! Outdoor intercourse starts today!!

I don’t know who first said this, or from whence it comes, but my Dad taught it to me when I was a kid. Yeah, like 5th or 6th grade. So though at the time I didn’t really understand it…perhaps it planted a seed and landed me where I am today, a touch on the side of randy.

But randy brought my heroes, Gideon and Perry to life. You’re welcome.

Gideon and Perry were born from a dream about a girl, three years ago March. The girl ran, for unknown reasons, she ran. She fell in the path of a powerful and a troubled man, one that ultimately became her salvation, and she his.

The fact is, these books have really been my life. At this point I don’t remember life without knowing Gideon and Perry. “Like a memory of you was born with me.” As it says in the book.

So I want to share with you some of my very favorite quotes and images from THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE.


Samson’s grace and surefootedness at breakneck paces was the closest Roxleigh had ever come to some semblance of peace in his life. His head was never clearer, his nerves never calmer, and his mind never more unbound than when he rode Samson. He listened to the horse’s steady breathing, the exertion of his exhalations, and the steady beat of his hooves, punctuated by the swift silence of the jumps and the exclamation of the landing—like a staccato symphony.


Francine’s heart skipped a beat as she looked up the staircase that went to the upstairs parlor to find an impeccably dressed, younger version of Roxleigh leaning arrogantly against the balustrade. She waved at him nervously with just the tips of her fingers as she braced herself. This man wasn’t like his brother, she could see that much from the way he carried himself. This man was the quarterback, the prom king, Mr. Popular, the ever-elusive crush who didn’t know you existed, and here he was with her, giving her all of his attention.


His mouth teased at her nipple, gathering the intoxicating threads of energy. She felt his fingers unfurl and shift as his palm flattened against her, and she pushed back. Never in her life had she been closer to another human being. Never in her life had she been so naked, her emotions laid bare. The darkness intensified rather than softened. She felt her entire being on display for him, as though he were reaching in to stroke her very soul.


“I am ruined,” Francine said, standing tall, holding her hands out wide for inspection, tilting her chin up. “From my forehead to my toes, thoroughly ravished. This man,” she said, gesturing at Gideon, “lay me down in your field, and he ruined me. He took my—my maidenhead, and claimed my body as his, and I allowed him…My womb is for his children, my mouth is for his pleasure, my body is for his use alone,” she said proudly.”


“I concede.”
Her heart stopped as the words drifted across her shoulder, and she turned slowly toward him, her side coming to rest against his solid chest. He should have moved to give her room. It would have been the proper thing to do. He didn’t. He did what a rake would do: he crowded her infinitely more by flexing the muscles that caged her to the window. “You…what?”


Her breathing caught the rhythm of the notes, her chest rising and falling in deep waves. He saw her knees tighten, her fingers curl into her skirts.
He built the crescendo, drawing the tension as far as he could before letting it drift softly back to earth. He closed his eyes and his body swayed. He felt the strain of the notes, pulled them into his gut then let them spiral through his veins, flowing back out to circle again toward him.

Thank you thank you thank you. A thousand times thank you, for taking my men and making them yours. For giving them a new life beyond me, and beyond my imagination. For caring for my ladies and taking their dreams and making them yours. For making this project live on. Thank You.

I am humbled.

Thank you for hosting me today Lia!! I hope my post was saucy enough to entertain your readers 😉

A bit about the books.



A woman out of time.
A man stifled by propriety.
A nemesis determined to take her away.
A brother to the rescue.
How will a powerful Duke deal with a woman who doesn’t know her place? How will a woman used to the 21st century survive in time where she is considered property?
Francine Larrabee woke up on the wrong side of the century. She was fairly certain she went to sleep in her own comfy bed, but she doesn’t quite seem to be there now. Only adding to her problems is that she has no voice, is constantly being glowered at by a large, stunning man who is obsessed with propriety, and she is apparently betrothed to another horrid little man, determined to ruin her, and any other girls that get in his way.
How does she find herself in the past, when she couldn’t even find herself in her present? How does a self sufficient businesswoman survive in a time when women were still considered property for the whole of their lives and what is she going to do with this man who draws her to him so fiercely.

Where to get the book:


Barnes And Noble
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The book is a six part serial novel, and the first part, FREEDOM, is available for FREE on iTunes and Amazon.

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