Writer with Sizzle: Paisley Smith

Paisley Smith needs an author tagline! And she’s giving away an eBook copy of her story, Birthday Girl, to the person who comes up with the best idea. “Paisley Smith – Writer with Sizzle” is taken, folks, so come up with something else! Can’t wait to hear your ideas. Should be fun!

Lia: Hi Paisley! What physical aspect does your heroine love most about your heroine? Details, please!

Paisley: Since I write F/F and F/F/M romance, my heroines like a combination of sensuality, intelligence and independence. My heroines are confident women in themselves but are a bit uncertain how to bring that confidence to a new relationship.

In my upcoming Ellora’s Cave quickie, Beyond Curious, Annie had agreed to her grandmother’s dying wish that she take piano lessons. In the following excerpt, Annie arrives and discovers her predisposed notions about piano her teacher was wrong. Very wrong.


Although the pianist’s left hand was obscured by the drapery, Annie could see Mrs. Granger’s right hand lithely gliding up and down the keyboard.

Just as her consciousness submerged completely into the music, the musician abruptly stopped and stood, turning to discover her spying like some sort of peeping tom.

But no quicker than Annie had glimpsed her teacher, she vanished and Annie heard the doorknob turning. The screen door creaked as the widow pushed it open.

Annie gaped.

This was hardly the old cat woman in worn out house shoes she had imagined.

Mrs. Granger was beautiful. Her blonde hair fell in an ethereal mass of waves just below her shoulders. Minimal makeup made highlighted her fresh faced appearance. Her white blouse and black skirt were stylish, yet professional. Annie had expected an old crone of seventy to greet her wearing a floral print muumuu. This woman had to be in her thirties—if that. The only thing that gave away her age was the wisdom in her eyes which emanated from behind a pair of bright blue reading glasses.

Everything about her seemed feminine and soft and the way her gaze traveled down Annie’s body and back up again made Annie wish she’d worn something besides the jeans and boots she wore to her job at the humane shelter every morning. A smile claimed Mrs. Granger’s pink glossed lips. “You must be Annie.”

Annie patted the embroidered patch bearing her name on her shirt pocket. “Yep. That’s me. How’d you ever guess?” She suddenly wanted to kick herself. Hard. Jeez, she sounded like a star struck moron.

Lia: Love it! Is there anything special you do to get “in the mood” before writing a sex scene?

Paisley: Before I write a sex scene, I block it out in my mind. Well…that’s just a nice way of saying I fantasize about it. Hemingway said, “Write drunk. Edit sober.” I don’t exactly write drunk but often I will enjoy a glass of red wine while I write a love scene. And then, I just let the characters do what comes naturally. Writing the love scene is like watching a movie of it my head. I try to grasp the emotions first, and then write the action and dialogue accordingly.

Lia: What is the hottest scene you ever wrote?

Paisley: My favorite hot scene is in Birthday Girl. It’s an F/F/M ménage story about a married couple who want to experiment with a third party—a sexy female friend. The scene combined all my favorites. A strong hero, wine and outdoor sex!

Here’s a teaser:

The outdoor air felt different on my nude flesh than the inside air had, as if I were more exposed and vulnerable. My nipples tightened and chills skittered up and down my arms and legs.

Nate’s warm hands cradled my bottom and Lindsey’s palms moved over my breasts. I melted between them, overwhelmed by sensation. Nate’s cock was hard and I felt it prodding me through his clothes. Lindsey ground against me erotically while her hands roamed over my body leaving wildfire in their wake. Nate’s hands skidded over my skin and at first, I tried to sort out who was touching me and where.

Don’t think. Just feel.

I heard myself moan. Blindfolded and inundated with touch, my consciousness spiraled completely inside my body. All coherent thought fled and there were only four hands, two big and two small. Two mouths tormented the most sensitive parts of my body. The nape of my neck. My breasts. My mouth. Oh God, my ears.

Then lower. I groaned.

Without warning, Nate lifted me, bracing my back against his chest, holding me up by the thighs and spreading me wide for my female lover’s mouth. I cried for sweet mercy as Lindsey’s mouth locked on my clit. Heaven. This was pure heaven.

Lia: Okay, I’m fanning! Hot stuff, Paisley! Where is the wildest place your characters have had sexual relations?

Paisley: In my Scintillating Sample, First Taste, a free download from Ellora’s Cave, my two heroines reunite at a high school reunion planning committee and they make out in the bathroom at the restaurant. I love writing “private but still in public” love scenes. I thought this one was hot because it’s the first time the heroines have been together in several years.


Her lips stretched into a smile as she twisted the doorknob with one hand and snatched mine with the other. Giggling, she dragged me into the bathroom with her and before the light was even on, she pushed me against the wall and covered my mouth with hers.

I melted.

It had been so long but the memories swept back over me in a torrent. I moaned, opening for her to admit her tongue. My own sparred with hers. My hands skimmed her body, caressing her through her flimsy dress.

The lock clicked. The light snapped on and I found myself staring at the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. All those years ago… Had I been in love with her then? Because I was fairly certain I was in love with her now.

My hands moved over the curve of her ass and then down to where I dragged up her skirt. Fuck me! No panties. My lashes fluttered shut as her mouth fused with mine again.

Her thighs opened as I reached between them. She was as wet as I was. My heart hammered and I worked my fingers through her slippery folds, searching, finding…ah, yes, there.

She moaned as I pushed one finger up inside her. A tremor shook her body. I explored her, tasting her mouth, breathing in the scent of her feminine perfume. My senses were inundated with her and with my surroundings. My skin tingled with her touch. My ears pounded with the rock music blaring through the speakers. I’d never felt so alive.

My free hand brushed over one of her breasts. No bra. Her nipple was diamond hard and grew even harder when I rolled it between my thumb and middle finger. She dragged her mouth from mine and clung to my shoulders. “I want you to eat me.”

Lia: Whew! Am I blushing? 🙂 Where can readers find your sizzling books, Paisley?

Paisley: http://www.jasminejade.com/

My free read can be downloaded at http://www.jasminejade.com/pm-7806-593-first-taste.aspx

Lia: Excellent! Thanks for being a Writer with Sizzle, Paisley!

For more information about Paisley or her books, check out her site at http://www.paisleysmith.webs.com/