OFF LIMITS Available Today!

I’m excited to announce that OFF LIMITS, a “Cougar Club” Scarlet Rosette, is out today!

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How does a woman who usually follows the straight and narrow end up handcuffed to a chair by her ex-husband’s younger brother, a wickedly delicious man who just happens to be a cop? And the star of her most forbidden fantasies. Kara Reynolds has spent the past thirty-eight years being a good girl, but there’s something about Austin that makes her want to be really bad. Now, she’s caught in a situation that could either humiliate her…or set her free.


The air conditioner was off. That had to be the reason why her body temperature was spiking and beads of perspiration were moistening her forehead.

She’d never felt this alive and aware before. His hands sat heavily on her knees, forcing her legs apart. His face was set in a determined expression, eyebrows drawn, lips pressed together.

The glint in his sultry green eyes was now a warning rather than a tease.

Her pulse thrummed at her fingertips as she clasped her bound hands. Every other part of her body was frozen. And waiting for his next move.

His lips curved up into a half smile. “You broke my heart ten years ago. Do you remember that?”

Kara swallowed down the knot forming in her throat. “I remember you had a crush on me. You were young and—”

“I’m not that boy anymore.” His hands inched up to mid-thigh.

Her body quivered in response. More heat surged down her center and moistened her panties. If he only knew what he did to her.

What he’d always done to her.

It had been a sin to think of him this way when she’d been married. Was it sinful now? To want Clint’s younger brother so badly that her knees wobbled, her heart ached, and her cheeks flushed?

He had become her best friend over the past few years. Always, always, her ultimate fantasy.

5 Diamond review from Got Erotic Romance:

“If you enjoy second chance at love stories, you will enjoy this one. It is short, packed with emotion, and you can’t help finding yourself pulling for the younger man intent on convincing the woman he loves to give him a chance. If you’re a woman beyond the “perfect body” stage in life, you’re going to identify with the heroine and understand her doubts. This is a quick read and a feel-good story where hope for that magical happily-ever-after shines bright.” Starla Kaye, reviewer

Read the full review

4.5 Stars from Book Wenches

“This is utterly and undeniably an entertaining read. One of the things I find that makes a short story enjoyable is an author that is able to give plenty of background to make the story come full circle, and Ms. Slater does this with finesse. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. I thoroughly enjoyed the thought of the younger guy; especially one as hot as Austin. The characters seem realistic, and I liked how they show so much emotion.” Teagan, reviewer

Read the full review

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