In the Land of Werewolves – A new contract!

Did that title make sense? Not for me either, really. But how else could I explain my newest venture? I received a contract from Ellora’s Cave for my erotic paranormal romance, WereSlave! Yay! I like to call it an erotic fairy tale about a Queen and her werewolf sex slave.

Ever since I started brainstorming the idea for this book, I’ve been immersed in everything werewolf. The hero is a studly Were who was quite fun to create. Everytime I wrote in his point of view, I had to ask myself how a werewolf would think and act. Not to mention, smell, taste, look, feel – you get the point. It’s been an adventure! In the story, Mace Quinton is forced to be Queen Nayla’s sex slave. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, Mace – being an alpha – doesn’t take orders very well and things get a little heated.

I don’t want to give away too much about the story at this point but I’ll share more soon! I can’t wait until I get the cover for this one. I’m imagining sexy manflesh, aren’t you?

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