Another Excerpt (Adult content!!) – "The Ice Scene"

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Excerpt (Adult):

He sat up, selected a new piece of ice, and dropped it onto her stomach.

Ava gasped from the sudden chill against her feverish skin.

“It’s okay, baby. I’ll make it feel better.” He pressed on the cube with his palm and slid it over her navel. His mouth followed the path, kissing and licking her skin.

When he reached her trembling mound, his lips halted but his hand kept going. Over and in, he directed the shrinking ice.

Ava shuddered at the clash of cold on heat.

“Fuck,” he mumbled. “It melted.” He grabbed for another cube and then paused, looking her over as if planning his attack.

After setting the ice next to her, he took hold of her legs and slid her to the edge of the mattress.

Ava wanted to ask what the hell he was doing, but clamped her mouth shut, afraid he’d waste time by answering her. Just as long as he was touching her in some way, she was pleased…no, ecstatic.

Her legs and half of her ass were off the bed, her feet planted on the floor. Kade picked up the ice again and knelt down before her, out of her view.

Without warning, she felt a cold sting on her clit. She tried to bring her legs together, but he was in the way. He coerced them apart, as far as they could go.

“Let me do this.” He sounded a mile away, his voice echoing around her.

“What is it that you’re trying to do?” Ava attempted to sit up, but he forced her back down with one large hand.

“Just relax. I’m not going to hurt you.” His tone was calm and tender. “Trust me. I want to make you feel good.”

At that, Ava lay back down and waited, staring up at the ceiling. Trust wasn’t something that came easily to her. Not after losing her parents as a small child or being thrown out into the world alone at the ripe age of seventeen. And especially not after what Zack had put her through.

But Kade was different. Somehow she could sense he’d never harm her. Never put her in danger. After all, he had been there to help her escape from Jarred. Who knew what could have happened if he hadn’t shown up.

Another frosty pinch nipped at her as he stroked the ice against her clit, but this time it was quickly followed up with the warmth and softness of his tongue. It was odd how pain and pleasure went so well together.

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Fatal Exposure Release Day & Excerpt!!

FATAL EXPOSURE is available today in eBook and paperback!

Praise for Fatal Exposure:

“FATAL EXPOSURE is an exciting read with edge-of-the-seat suspense. Kade is perfectly flawed and the perfect solution to Ava’s troubles. Scorching hot sex, thrilling action and an explosive climax.”

~KyAnn Waters, author of Hot Blooded and Executive Positions


Deception brings them together. Exposure can tear them apart.

Taking off her clothes every night for the patrons of Hothouse Gentleman’s Club was never part of Ava Lureau’s life plan, but the sleazy strip joint was the last place her powerful ex-boyfriend would think to look for her. A life on the run kept Ava safe…but lonely. So when a ruggedly sexy stranger shows up and a lap dance becomes more than another dollar in her G-string, she takes a chance.

Kade Gavin’s job is simple—capture his target and deliver her to the man who hired him. Nothing but a paycheck matters in Kade’s bleak existence…until the enticing stripper with soft curves and a puzzling persona climbs into his bed–and under his skin.

Teaser excerpt (Adult content):

He spread her dark coppery hair out on the white pillow and wondered for a moment what she looked like with her natural blonde color. Too bad he wasn’t going to be able to see that. After everything was said and done, she’d leave here angry and hating him, never wanting to see him again. Which, of course, was for the best.

At least she would be safe. At least she’d be alive and well and not at the hands of some maniacal dickhead. But for now, while she was in his home, he’d take care of her, make sure she was comfortable. Protect her.

The room was warm enough to get her out of her jeans and sweater. He worked with the tiny buttons and slid her top off, exposing her bare breasts.

She stirred slightly and one of her hands brushed her budding nipple.

He grew hard at the sight. I’m such a bastard.

But he couldn’t stop now. She needed to sleep comfortably, he told himself as he tugged her jeans off and then took in the full view of her body. Creamy skin. Ample, perky breasts. Rosy pink nipples. Supple, curvy hips. Flat, smooth stomach. Her skimpy red panties that barely covered her—

Snap out of it. Kade tucked her under the safety of the comforter and forced himself to the bathroom. He splashed his face with ice-cold water but still couldn’t relieve himself of the desire that was imbedded in him.

It’s not right.

He’d known that from the very moment he’d realized she was his target. But that hadn’t changed his feelings for her, how she tempted him. How he never wanted to let her go. He showered and brushed his teeth, trying to erase the image of her body lying naked on his bed.

Nothing could happen. Not tonight. Not again.


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Tomorrow’s the day!

Fatal Exposure’s official release day is tomorrow, September 25th, when it’ll be available as an eBook as well as in paperback from

Here’s an excerpt (Rated VERY ‘R’ so get out of here if you’re under 18, got it, or I’ll tell your mom. The rest of you enjoy!):

Ava rested her hands on his massive chest when he wedged himself between her thighs. She couldn’t keep from staring at him. Every inch of his naked body was toned to perfection, leaving her craving to trace her fingers over the strength of his muscles. He had a few scars here and there, but the one that grabbed her attention was the circular indentation on his left shoulder.

A gunshot wound? She lightly brushed her hand over it.

“Iraq,” he murmured as if that would explain how he’d been shot. And sadly, it did. Obviously, he’d been in combat. He’d fought for their country. Which had to mean he was a man of integrity, a man of honor. Right?

She clenched her eyes shut and tried to stop her bustling mind from over-analyzing. This was sex with a hot guy and nothing more. He was nothing more.

He dug his fists into the mattress on either side of her head before dipping his mouth to softly kiss her top lip and then her bottom. His tongue slipped between the two, parting them. Gently, patiently—a kiss she’d never experienced from a man.

He baited her, and Ava responded by opening for him, sliding her tongue along his. He tasted of a mixture of cinnamon, quiet confidence, and restrained power.

Who was he? She didn’t even know his last name, but every fiber of fear in her body was disappearing as he manipulated her mouth with his skilled tongue. It owned her and she wasn’t protesting.

His large, hardened cock pressed against the wetness between her thighs, tempting her. She could only imagine what he was going to feel like inside.

Daring to seek more, she lifted her pelvis and grazed her pussy against his hard shaft. He was thicker and larger than either of the two lovers she’d had in the past. And she was sure he would bring sensations that would stretch and push her to limits she’d never known.

“Fuck me,” she heard herself saying, impatiently, shocking herself.

His eyes opened and met hers, no longer the ice cold color, but a blue that reminded her of a tantalizing hot, bubble bath.

Ava took a desperately needed breath. “Please.”

He grinned, sensually, devilishly, as if he had plans beyond her realm of fantasy. She pursed her mouth shut, thinking she’d most likely bitten off more than she could chew.

His upper half dropped onto his elbows, resting his solid chest against her sensitive breasts. She prepared herself for the roughness she thought he was capable of, but instead, she received soft kisses down her jaw line onto her neck. He licked the crevice behind her ear and gently nibbled a path to the area just above her shoulder.

Ava trembled at his touch and wrapped her legs around his waist, preparing for him to enter her, wanting nothing more.

Copyright 2009

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In the Land of Werewolves – A new contract!

Did that title make sense? Not for me either, really. But how else could I explain my newest venture? I received a contract from Ellora’s Cave for my erotic paranormal romance, WereSlave! Yay! I like to call it an erotic fairy tale about a Queen and her werewolf sex slave.

Ever since I started brainstorming the idea for this book, I’ve been immersed in everything werewolf. The hero is a studly Were who was quite fun to create. Everytime I wrote in his point of view, I had to ask myself how a werewolf would think and act. Not to mention, smell, taste, look, feel – you get the point. It’s been an adventure! In the story, Mace Quinton is forced to be Queen Nayla’s sex slave. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for her, Mace – being an alpha – doesn’t take orders very well and things get a little heated.

I don’t want to give away too much about the story at this point but I’ll share more soon! I can’t wait until I get the cover for this one. I’m imagining sexy manflesh, aren’t you?