Were Seduction Release Day!

Were Seduction
 Book two in the Were Legends series
is now available from Ellora’s Cave!!
After living over a century without the touch of a man, Ambria Nogle is surprised that seducing Count Kollens isn’t all that difficult. Unfortunately, falling in love with the Were is just as easy. As an empath, she can see right through Kaige’s brooding façade and into his heart. Now if only she can convince him that her heart is just as genuine.
Kaige isn’t sure what to think of the wicked little witch who’s stolen his nights and captured his thoughts. Their sizzling chemistry dulls his usually sharp senses when they’re together, making him uncertain of her intentions. But soon he finds trusting Ambria isn’t the problem. Falling in love with her is.
Excerpt #1:
“Fight or surrender? Are those my only two choices?” Her naughty smile devastated him, forcing him to draw in a deep breath.

“What else do you suggest?” He reached out to push a lock of hair behind her shoulder, then allowed his thumb to linger, running it along the soft column of her neck.

Her pink tongue darted out to lick her bottom lip and her gaze raked over him, studying him, as if planning out her next words. He would’ve thought she was calculating his demise if it weren’t for the shy way she tilted her head, not quite meeting his eyes. No, her words were brash and daring but her timid voice told a different story. A story he wanted to hear from start to finish.

“Well?” His cock swelled as anticipation overcame him. Funny how the mere minutes he’d been in her company had been more exhilarating than all he’d experienced the past two years accumulated since his pack gave up drifting and settled into this uneventful, human-infested country.

It appeared that this human had promise. Ample, curvy bundles of promise.

“I’m not much of a fighter, Kaige, and I don’t concede very easily.” She peeled his hand from her neck and held it against her waist, just below her bosom. Her body quivered just enough for him to notice. If he moved his thumb a twitch, he could brush it against the swell of her tantalizing flesh. “Why don’t we work this out peacefully?”

Hell, forget the dancing. “How about a quiet walk in the garden then?” he asked. “I promise I won’t change with the moon.”

Her cheeks pinkened and he wondered if he’d overstepped his boundaries. Who knew what sort of propriety crap these humans were used to. Were females were so much freer with their bodies.

“I have a better idea.” Her voice was a whisper as she leaned into him and gazed up with those sinful chocolate brown eyes. Her supple breasts crushed against his chest and he risked glancing down at her succulent cleavage. There really was something wonderful about a woman in a ball gown. It left just enough to the imagination. Now if he could just get the damn thing off her.

He cleared his throat and forced himself to meet her eyes. “I can’t say I’ve ever been more intrigued in my life. What’s your idea?”

“I’ve never been to Eastern Paqualette and this ball is giving me a headache. Why don’t you take me to your home? I’d love to see it.”

The wolf in him panted for what was to come. “What else would you like to see?” he asked, just in case she was being a tease. One had to be careful with witches.

She looked down for a moment, as if to gather her courage, then she met his gaze again. “Your clothes on your bedchambers floor. The size of your mattress. The ceiling above your bed. Shall I go on or will you allow me some modesty?”

His heart stopped beating, probably because all his blood had funneled to his cock. “Sweetheart, I’ll allow you the sun and the moon if you keep up the boldness. It’s sexy as hell.”

Excerpt #2:

“I’m thinking how much I want you to kiss me.” Her voice was rough, winded, but she got the necessary words out. Oddly, it was easy to flirt with Kaige, easy to be herself.

He licked the area just under her ear, a warm and luscious sensation. Her skin heated like a fireball had been lit inside her, crawling from the moist path and settling low in her belly.

“I’m going to kiss you.” His hand worked quickly to bunch up her dress past her stockings to her bare thigh. Then up to her waist. “And touch you. And taste you.” His voice was smooth and caressing.

A slight breeze blew into the carriage and swept teasingly against her bare skin, reminding her that the dress was all she wore.

“Is that a fact?” she whispered, trying her best to be the bold seductress.

Who was she kidding? She was going to explode before the lovemaking even began. Years of being untouched had obviously made her more responsive. The lightest brush of his knuckles against her bare leg had her insides coiled tight, ready to spring.

He reached between her thighs and grazed a finger across her moist folds and she tensed, unsure of how much more she could take.

A low groan rumbled in his chest and against her ear. “I’m going to lick your juices and fuck you with my tongue.”

“Dear gods.” No one had ever used such daring words with her before and oddly, they had her panting for more. She clasped her hands onto his shirt, holding on for dear life. Her pussy ached with anticipation. Impatient, she moved against his finger, wanting friction. Wanting him to put those words into action.

She met his heated gaze. His lips were so close to hers, they brushed with each bump of the carriage. His breath was warm and smelled of the champagne that was served at the ball. She wondered for a moment if he was drunk, then found that she didn’t really care. Not when his finger lightly skimmed the lips of her pussy. The faint teasing motion was torturous but so good.

Two could play at that game, she decided, and flicked her tongue into his gorgeously wicked mouth.

“Oh, now you’ve done it.” He smiled devilishly and lifted her onto his lap as if she weighed nothing, forcing her to straddle him. Gripping her hips, he held her down.

Her bare flesh molded to the thick erection underneath his slacks. With each jounce of the rickety carriage, she moved against him, building up a wonderful sensation deep in her womb.

Have mercy. She hoped his estate wasn’t anywhere close. She held tight to his broad shoulders and bit back a moan. What would he think of her if she were to orgasm before they made it to the privacy of his home? In the open carriage for all to see.

“Don’t fight it, Ambria. You can be as loud as you want. It’s just the two of us.”

“And your driver.”

“My driver is an old friend. Part of my pack. He won’t mind. Trust me.”


Hope you enjoyed the excerpts! To read more: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-8402-were-seduction.aspx

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4 thoughts on “Were Seduction Release Day!

  1. Hey LiaCongrats on your new release, Lia!!I loved Off Limits, got Fatal Exposure all ready for me to dive into and looking forward to your Were books : )Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much, Jane, April, and Lynne!! I hope you enjoy the story.Lynne, empaths are a lot of fun to write about. 😉 Can't wait to read your story. Thanks for the blogger award!!

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