The Cover for WereSlave

Here’s the cover for WereSlave. What do you think? Not too shabby, right? I love the background, the castle and the heroine in the moon. And the hero is quite lovely (although I do have to point out that he doesn’t have facial hair in the book, just so ya know :-))

Release date is to be determined but hopefully it’s not too far off. I’m working on the second book in the series right now, Were Seduction, and I’m almost finished!
Here’s a blurb for WereSlave:
As the Queen of Paqualette, Nayla is forbidden to have a husband or a human lover. Her life is a lonely and disciplined existence, so when she’s given the opportunity to choose a Were from her dungeon as her sex slave, she takes a chance. Werewolves are nothing but senseless monsters, she knows from firsthand experience. But after the one she selects to be her WereSlave turns out to be more of a man than she’d ever known, she must question her beliefs.
As the alpha leader, Mace is responsible for his pack. He’ll do anything to keep them alive, even give into the Queen’s sexual demands. But not unless he’s in control. Turning his enticing captor into the submissive is the only way to show her he’s more man than she realizes. Falling in love with Nayla is out of the question but will he be able to leave her behind when his pack is finally free?

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