Writer with Sizzle: Catherine Bybee

Please welcome the talented, Catherine Bybee!

Catherine: Thanks so much for having me, Lia. I’m so excited about the success of Kilt Worthy and I just love chatting about Logan and Jane.

Lia: Thanks for being here, Catherine! Have you ever cried or laughed out loud while writing a scene?
Catherine: I loved this question! Remember the movie Romancing the Stone? The opening scene our heroine is completing a romance novel and searching her apartment for Kleenex because her own book has her in tears. Happy tears, but big old fat tears nonetheless. This happens to me all the damn time. I laugh at my own jokes, get chocked up when emotions are high and yeah… get a bit wiggly in the seat when the sex is hot! Sometimes, when I finish a scene, I look back and say, “Damn, that’s good!” Like in this one from Kilt Worthy
“Do you really want to go, Jane? Wouldn’t you like more than the image on your camera to remember me by?”

How about your firstborn? Damn, where had that thought come from? It wasn’t like me to have so many naked thoughts running amok in my head, but Mr. Kilt was flippin’ gorgeous.

For the first time in my twenty-three years, I thought about how delightfully sinful it would be to share a stranger’s bed, if only for one night. I couldn’t believe I stood there contemplating a brief affair but, good God, had I ever been so sexually charged in all my life? The weight of my attraction for this man collided with my good sense.

“What do you have in mind, er…” Geez, Mr. Fantasy didn’t even have a name. “What was your name again?”

He moved closer. “My name is Logan, Logan MacLaren.”

I watched, surprised, as he lifted my arm and brought my very lucky hand to his lips. No one had ever kissed the back of my hand before, but I’d read about the experience in so many romance novels I thought I’d know how it would feel. I was wrong. Warm lips, gently pushing against my skin with a breath of hot air, made the world around me disappear.

My eyes locked with his, and his thumb stroked my wrist with subtle, suggestive circles. My nipples tightened in response, and my thong, tucked beneath tight denim, would need to be chucked into the hamper the minute I got home.

“You don’t want to rush off, do you, lass?”

I instantly shook my head, but words failed me. Distracted by my unexpected arousal, it was a wonder I could still stand.

One corner of his mouth lifted in triumph. “Well then, follow me.”

Lia: Um, yeah, I would definitely follow Mr. Kilt. 🙂 What a fun, clever excerpt! And hot too!! What is your favorite thing about being a romance writer?

Catherine: Being able to say I’m published is high on the list. LOL. I love setting my own schedule. I enjoy having a place to let all my fantasies go crazy. And I love shocking my family and friends.

Lia: Is there anything special you do to get “in the mood” before writing a sex scene?

Catherine: All I really need is a quiet house without kids running amok asking Mom for anything. If I’m interrupted while writing a sex scene it tends to be choppy and in desperate need of edits. I’m sorry if that answer disappoints some readers, mainly husbands… Mine would love it if I needed to have sex to write sex… sadly for him, I don’t. hehehe

Lia: I hear ya. A quiet house helps tremendously! Thanks for being a Writer with Sizzle, Catherine!

Catherine: Thanks again for having me, Lia.

Kilt Worthy is available at The Wilder Rose Press
Soul Mate ~ Werewolf Novella is available at Red Rose Publishing

My Website ~ http://www.catherinebybee.com/
My Blog ~ http://catherinebybee.blogspot.com/

12 thoughts on “Writer with Sizzle: Catherine Bybee

  1. Hi Lia and CatherineFun interview. Congrats on Kilt Worthy, Catherine. that kilt needs to drop a little lower on those yummy washboard abs. Smokin' hot cover to go with a smokin' hot story.

  2. Hi Catherine and Lia! Sorry I'm late. I have a sick little one today. You know I loved Kilt Worthy. So, so waiting for Chase's story!I'm with you. When writing a sex scene, I need it quiet and no interruptions. When I'm interrupted and start again, often I've lost my rhythm ; ) and the scene doesn't flow as well as I'd like and needs LOTS of edits.Lia, I just downloaded Fatal Exposure. I am so looking forward to reading it.~Lynne

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