Writer with Sizzle: Anh Leod

Congrats to Cari Quinn! Via a random name picker from the internet, you were chosen as the winner of Anh Leod’s Ex Factor. Contact me at lia@liaslater.com and I’ll email you the eBook.

Thanks, everyone! Come back Tuesday to see the next Writer with Sizzle, Paris Brandon!
Please welcome the talented Anh Leod! Today, Anh is giving away a free eBook copy (PDF) of her sizzling book Ex Factor, so be sure to leave a comment and come back tomorrow to see if you’re a winner!

Lia: Hi Anh! Let’s get down to it. Where is the wildest place your characters have had sexual relations?
Anh: In Playing Lycan Games, my characters get together on a boat! I love writing shower scenes (all that lovely steam, soap and nudity) but an actual boat on the water was a new writing experience for me.
Teaser Excerpt:
“If we capsize,” she warned, “you’d be in worse shape than me.”
“This skiff has a nice, flat bottom. We’ll be fine.”
Was he right or just too horny to be reasonably cautious? Catee left her bench, but stayed at a crouch as she stepped toward him. The boat swayed, but he caught her by the breasts.
She glared. “You could have caught my waist.”
He tweaked her nipples. “Why would I do that? C’mon, hike up your skirt.”
She rolled her eyes, but did as he asked, shimmying her legs to tease him.
He made a tsking noise. “No panties again, I see. What a naughty girl you are.”
Lia: What a fun, hot scene! Have your characters used sex toys? How did that go?
Anh: Absolutely, especially in my BDSM-lite stories, like Bijou’s Bonds. More recently, I had Ex Factor out at Ellora’s Cave. The story is part of a group of candy-themed novellas, so there is lots of candy being used as sex toys!
Teaser Excerpt:
“Why don’t you take that shift off?” he asked.
She had a better idea for the moment. Turning to her built-in bedside table, she reached for a small dish of red grains in two sizes. When Columbo saw what she was holding, his eyes hooded.
“Cherry blow bombs?” he asked.
She smiled. “Exactly.”
His fingers fumbled against the fabric of his jumpsuit. It took him two tries to hook his thumbs in the sides and push it down his hips.
“All the way,” she instructed, stirring the red granules with the tip of her finger.
Lia: Love it! What does your heroine love most about your hero? Least?
Anh: Catee loves her weekends with her mystery man. She’s been seeing him twice a year for a long time, and having sex that’s so good has to be incomparable. But he’s always so strange when she first sees him, as if he can’t remember who she is. By the next day, he’s back to being his old self. It’s practically a personality change. What’s going on? How can she move their relationship ahead when she’s not sure he even knows who she is half the time?
Lia: A mystery man. Wow, that sounds intriguing! Has anything in your real life ever inspired a scene for your book?
Anh: The idea for Playing Lycan Games came from a temporary job my husband had in the part of Oregon where the novella is set. The scenery is so unexpected and amazing I knew I had to try to describe it. I took my locations from places I saw along the drive when I went to visit him. Also, the drive the heroine takes to see the hero is inspired by a business trip I took.
Teaser Excerpt:
The river glistened around them, looking more crystalline than blue. The golden hills above were an unexpected sight for Catee, used to Pacific Northwest green. At first, she thought it looked like Arizona, then of Egypt. She could see how the nineteenth century travelers on the Oregon Trail would get discouraged as they traveled through this barren landscape, yet Native Americans had thrived here for thousands of years, fishing and trapping.
“We won’t want to be out too long,” Jem said. “Even with that hat, your lily white skin is going to get burned.”
“I know.” Catee leaned against the side of the boat and enjoyed the sun beating against her sunglasses. “But it’s glorious for now.”
Lia: Sounds gorgeous! Where can readers find your books?

Anh: My Anh Leod books are at Ellora’s Cave and The Wild Rose Press.

Lia: Thanks for being a Writer with Sizzle, Anh!!

13 thoughts on “Writer with Sizzle: Anh Leod

  1. Hi Loretta and Eilis!The story behind Jem, my "Mystery Man" in Playing Lycan Games, is known by the reader from the start, though the heroine doesn't find out until the end of the book when she has a big choice to make!Anh Leod

  2. Hi, Anh! I'm new to your writing, so thanks for taking the time to share some of your thoughts and some of the snippets of your books! I'll definitely be looking for them!

  3. I know I'm late to the party, but wanted to stop by and say hello. Anh, your stories sound great. Your EC one sounds particularly intriguing and mysterious–I love stories with mysterious heroes. Yummy.And Lia–I fully expect your book to be bumping me out of first place at The Wilder Roses any day now. I'm enjoying the ride while it lasts. :):)Becca

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