Writers With Sizzle: Tessie Bradford

To kick off my celebration of Writers With Sizzle, I have the fabulousy talented Tessie Bradford! Take it away, Tessie!

Thank you so much for having me, Lia!

My first book, Ageless Desires, is available now from Ellora’s Cave. Training Randi, my contribution to the Carnal Reunions anthology from Resplendence Publishing will release on November 10, 2009. Oasis of Pleasure is coming soon from Ellora’s Cave, and Possessing Eleanor is coming soon from Resplendence – it’s been a very busy year for me!

Wow, that’s very exciting! Congratulations! Tell me a little about your sizzling writing. How do your characters enjoy their playtime? Rough? Playful? Tender? All of the above?

Definitely all of the above! When I decided to finally throw my hat into the ring of writing erotic romance, it was with a no holds barred attitude. A bit of pain combined with interesting array of toys never fails to intrigue me. Humor is mandatory. If you can’t laugh and be playful with your partner or partners, then something very important is missing. Tender? Without a doubt! A loving, happily ever after conclusion is the payoff!
I couldn’t agree more. I gotta know – Have your characters ever been caught having sex in public? How did that go?
I loved writing the scene in Ageless Desires where Bryan takes Kate into the supply closet at the bar on the night they have ‘come out’ as a couple to their work friends. Kate is still very nervous about her new relationship and shocked when Bryan brings to life one of her secret fantasies. They weren’t caught, but the possibility of discovery is what makes it so hot for both of them!
An Excerpt From: Ageless Desires
Copyright: TESSIE BRADFORD, 2009
All rights reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“I promised you that we would explore every one of your desires together, Katie,” he murmured into her ear as his thumb circled her clit. “Lesson number two, fucking in a public place when we could be found out at any second.”

Instantly his hand was gone, replaced by the huge head of his penis. Acting solely on instinct, she grabbed on tightly around his neck and tried to position herself for his entry. She was so hot, so frantic for him to take her hard and fast that she couldn’t seem to get it right. She cried out in frustration, only to have Bryan’s hands go behind her thighs and lift. In one fluid motion, both her feet were off the ground as he surged into her pussy with a vengeance.

“Wrap your legs around me, I’ve got you,” he moaned as he held her against the door and rammed in and out of her pussy.

Kate knew that her juices were flowing freely. She knew that her nails were raking the back of his neck. She knew that their combined grunts and groans were too loud for a public place. She also knew that she didn’t give a damn.

“Harder, Bryan,” she begged as she met him thrust for thrust, “I’m going to come!”

And with that, he followed her direction, pounding her against the door until the first shudders of her release began. At the moment her orgasm crashed over her, Bryan held himself buried so far into her that his heavy balls rubbed her ass. Kate felt him pulse violently inside her body as his lips crashed down over hers, muffling their combined cries of satisfaction.

“Un-fucking-believable,” Bryan exclaimed with gusto while pulling out of her body and carefully lowering her feet to the floor. They stood for just a moment, holding each other.

“Not trying to ruin the mood or anything,” Bryan ran his hands down her sides as he crouched down at her feet, “but I know that your fantasy is the possibility of getting caught, not the reality.”

Whew! Hot stuff! Thanks so much for visiting me today, Tessie! To read the rest of this sizzling story, click here: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-7088-ageless-desires.aspx

Find out more about Tessie’s writing at http://www.tessiebradford.com/

10 thoughts on “Writers With Sizzle: Tessie Bradford

  1. Thanks, Cindy! I loved writing Kate's fantasies!Helen- fantastic to meet you, also! I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt.Fran, from one vixen to another!! Thanks!Lia, I had so much fun doing this interview.

  2. Paris- Ageless holds such a special place in my heart, being my first and all! I can't wait for Training Randi to come out in November and I just received final edits tonight for Oasis of Pleasure! Thanks so much for your kind words.

  3. Have to check my emails more often but glad I came over anyway. WHEW, I'm still fanning. Great interview and what an excerpt, Tessie – I have to go shopping. Bye….

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